After a full day of meetings and pulling ideas for other meetings, a night out with co-workers and friends (my wife couldn’t come this year)  to take part in a fashion show of interior design materials and elements, is a GREAT way to unwind and have some fun.  If you are studying to be an interior designer and haven’t heard of Fashion Remix, I would be surprised. This was the fourth year of the event, and they are happening now all over the country (by some different names) and design students and professionals of all trades are playing an important role. This event also benefited Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Ideal Utah.


For those not familiar with the process, here is what happens in a general sense ( I haven’t been a team member, so I don’t claim to know all that goes on behind the scenes.)

  • Groups of 4 or 5 come together, generally from one entity like an employer or a university. The teams aren’t all made up of interior designers.  Some are architects, manufacturer representatives, graphic designers, marketing directors, etc.
  • Different material or product vendors sign up to sponsor a team with their product. Some materials/products are: Carpet, fabric, wall coverings, furniture manufacturers, lighting suppliers, stone and tile suppliers; basically  any  material in an interior.
  • A drawing takes place and a team is put with a vendor.
  • Ideas and creativity run wild.
  • Concepts for fashion are submitted.
  • Designs are created, with a large percentage of the fashion coming from the  vendors material/products.
  • Lots of work.
  • The night of the show arrives; feast on Creativity…and some GOOD hors d’oeuvres and mini desserts!
  • Awards are given for best of show, best use of hard or soft materials, best runway presence and a number of others including a couple runner ups.

Here are some pictures of my top four for the evening:

1. Aerie; Paired with a carpet vendor.

winged-shadow  winged-victory  aerie

2. Amphitrite; Paired with a carpet vendor.

heidi-shadow  heidi  amphitrite

3. Bella Dama; Paired with a wall covering and fabric vendor.

oriental-dress-shadow  oriental-dress-front-side  oriental-dress  bella-dama

4. Ditto; Paired with a wood veneer and laminate vendor.

ditto-shadow  wood-veneer-side  wood-veneer  ditto

Can you guess which one got Best of Show? When “Ditto” walked out on stage, I think we all knew it had one the whole lot!

Here are some other photos of the evening:

overall-shot-for-instagram  overall-front-shot  overall-back-shot


This event is a wonderful way to bring the industry together and support one another for a good cause, and just plain have a good time.  It was masterfully put together and all who made the event happen should be congratulated!


My FFKR co-workers at a table sponsored by Emser Tile. Thanks Sadie!

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