Today I was focused on getting all the pre-approved designs handed over to the 3D renderers for our final approvals for a Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Our approval process with the Owner (client) is to fully think through and design 5-6 of the main areas of the building and then present them through a rendered image of the space to be reviewed and passed up through the Owner’s management, eventually reaching the top directors. Once we achieve the “stamp of approval” (sometimes this can go through a number of cycles,) we begin applying the successful design vocabulary through the remaining spaces of the temple.

Right now we are just trying to get the first images approved, and for the past number of months the team has been defining the interior architecture and what and how the spaces will be remodeled. As this is going on we are also selecting and designing all finishes and FF&E (Furniture Fixtures and Equipment): wall, floor and ceiling treatments, lighting, furniture and even accessories (yes, some “pillows” are tossed around!) We have particularly been selecting the last number days – well, re-selecting, since our first round wasn’t all approved  –  the marble material for wall base and floors, wood species/stain color for wall paneling and fabrics for furniture.

Below are images of how a 3D rendering might look before it is “skinned” with all the materials, and the completed image. It was created by FFKR rendering team.

black and white 3D


skinned 3D


It is a simple rendering (as compared to the temple renderings done,) but it shows the power of the process. Gone are the days we did these complex renderings by hand!


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