Why Another Design Blog?

Good Question. There are a lot of them out there, showing quite a range of content. But to my knowledge there isn’t one like this. Most people are familiar with Job Shadowing; an individual following around a professional for a day or so, gleaming all they can from the profession. It is often recommended to do a job shadow of a profession before you begin studying it in school.  I am sure that this isn’t limited to design or architecture schools, but those who graduate and have worked a couple years realize how much we weren’t taught about the profession while in school. Design school taught me theories and concepts and gave me tools – and lots of practice with applying these skills. However, there is a lot of day to day knowledge that one is lacking once you graduate. Hence the requirement for internships, but while you gain more practical knowledge, they can be limited based on the location and term of the internship.

The architectural firm where I work, FFKR Architects is often asked by students – college or high school aged – and/or recent grads, if they can come in and shadow us for a day. Hence how this blog concept started to stir in my head. My intent is to create a design shadow (or journal) blog, letting others see into the “day in the life” of a NCIDQ certified commercial interior designer.

This Blog is really about education; educating the general public and students of the interior design profession what the heck a commercial based designer does everyday. There are plenty of television shows out there that claim to showcase what interior design is all about. Though they capture concepts of what I do, they are mainly residential focused and highly decor driven. This is a tool of interior design, but there are more tools in the tool box for certified designers.

It has been a constant nagging pressure for over a year now to start this blog.  Here’s hoping that the profession of interior design is improved and that someone out there will be a better designer for me having created this blog!



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