Bio: I am a State and NCIDQ certified Interior Designer with 15 + years of working experience outside my BFA in Interior Design and currently work for the largest Architectural firm in Utah. I believe in education for the field of design. First, helping students have a vision of what is beyond the 4 walls of their classroom to be better prepared to make a difference in the profession. Second, educating the general public about what educated, tested and certified/licensed interior designers, accomplish at work each day. Beyond that, I believe in having a balanced life. Though I crave good design, I live for my wife and kiddos and stay alive by training and competing in triathlons where I can fit them in.

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  1. I would like to say ‘ thank you’ for your instruction and advise in class today, I found it quite valuable. I also, want to say that I appreciate all your hard work in putting this Design Shadow blog in place. It is very informative about the everyday in’s and out’s of a design day and what to expect. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

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