In a recent OAC meeting, we walked the site and inspected some recent good changes: Work progressing! These changes, though good, have slowed down and delayed our construction. The project’s design was to leave a large portion of the ceiling exposed. However, as this was a remodel, we weren’t able to get a complete picture of the ceiling’s condition until the current ceiling was demolished. It was not as clean as we had hoped. But because project budgets and schedules were tight we moved forward hoping for the best. However as construction progressed the Owner felt anxious about the final outcome, so we started looking at how we could make the ceiling look better. Three options were proposed:

1. Close up the ceiling

2. Add drywall ceiling “clouds” in the undesirable locations.

3. Pay to have the undesirable HVAC units and piping moved in strategic conditions.

We had thought # 2 is where we would probably land, but the Owner came back with the decision and funds last week to proceed with option 3. Yay! Though the time it took to obtain pricing options and a decision added to our construction schedule, the Owner will be happier in the long run. It is already looking better to have the old items demolished. It’s now time to get some work done!


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