Virtual reality, “VR” is where I spent a lot of time this week. We are at the point of a project where our designs are coming together and going into 3D-Max – a computer rendering program, that makes our designs, “picture perfect.” Back in the day, one of the Architects and Designers tools in the toolkit, was hand rendering/perspective drawing.  “Good designers” meant you had to be a good at drawing and being a good visual communicator as well. Being able to sketch your ideas is still important, but now-a-days those skill sets are shared between us and the rendering team. We function – or should function – as one.

So, this week as the renderings were built, we moved them into the VR format and I donned on the attractive eye-wear and stepped into an alternate reality to evaluate the design and get them ready for the client.

It was exciting for one member of the client team today to really experience the design beyond what we have had on paper and in Sketchup. The highlight was when he stated, “There has been some criticism about the height of the room after looking at the elevations, but now that I am in here, I don’t agree with that any longer.” That was a big win for us and the VR movement.

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