I have been silent on the blog for months now – not because I have had nothing to say, but because I have been consumed by work; mainly one installation project. My team and I literally were on site every day for 2 and half months and then at least half of the week for the following 3 weeks. Still today I received an emergency call to resolve some items for the client. I have shared some Instagram photos of the project along the way, but here are some items of interest:

  • There were more than 15,000 pieces of furniture that we oversaw installed.
  • There were more than 50 semi-truck deliveries with more “box truck” deliveries than we could keep count of.
  • All Items came from a warehouse where they had been stored as they came in from the vendors and then unboxed/uncrated. A large amount of the pieces had to have some type of assembly. For example, we created an assembly line of 8-10 people to assemble 4000+ of one type of chair, which was in turn labeled with a sticker to show location; helping us always know how many chairs were installed/ or yet to be installed on the floors above the assembly line.
  • There were mainly 3 of our staff on site managing the crews, plus 1 from the Owner’s team.
  • There were two delivery/installation crews that worked under our direction, one to manage all the panel systems furniture and one to manage everything else.
  • There were also 2 art hanging crews to hang the 400+ pieces.
  • To help with the extreme amount of information and installation crew, we printed floor plans placed them throughout all the buildings at each elevator lobby and room labels were printed for every space/room where items could be checked off once finalized.
  • There may or may not have been a couple furniture/piano dolly (“4 wheeler”) races.
  • We had a large amount of high quality silk plants and trees – some up to 10’ tall. Most were installed per our installation plans, however extras were ordered to fill in where we felt needed something extra.
  • All furniture had to be inspected to make sure it met our order intent and wasn’t damaged or have imperfections. When pieces were damaged, we either worked with the manufacturer to have it replaced, or brought in a “Furniture Dr.” to fix or get the piece looking new. For the size of the project we had a relatively low damage count. However it took 4-6 weeks to have all the new pieces on site or resolved.
  • The project site was 1 hour away from the office. That put us at about 10-12 hour days, depending on when we would finish a loaded Semi; we tried for two a day but didn’t always succeed.
  • Tacos – lots of tacos and the like for lunch from a local favorite – “180 Tacos.”
  • While this project marched on we all had other projects going on and every slow minute we were following up, making phone calls or answering emails. There was a lot of extra work going on at home these months as well.
  • There was plenty of walking and exercise as we made our way across the 3, 6 floor buildings. I stopped looking at my “fit bit” after the first couple weeks. I had no problem falling asleep at night!

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