I traveled an hour with two others of my team today to meet on our project site. We connected with a larger group making a total of 18 of us. The reason for the meeting? Furniture pre-installation meeting. We are getting ready to install the project with 13,876 pieces of furniture, not including plants and other accessories. This all comes to a total of over 400,000 pounds of goods (breaking our installers previous record of 175,000 pounds.)

It’s been a year and a half in the making, with design meetings and furniture selections and even systems furniture mock ups and bids. Our first purchase order for the project went out in April of 2016.

This scope of work has been very complicated and as taken many people coordinating all the aspects of the process. The purpose of today was to meet as Owners, Designers, Architects, Contractors, Artists, IT Purchasing Agents and Furniture movers/installers to review each individuals scope of work. Because the project is slightly behind in construction schedule our installation start date has been delayed. Our first item was to review the new dates we would have access to the building, and when we had to be completed and gone.  Next we discussed how much time each entity needed and orchestrated when they could be in each of the three buildings.

Because damages of the building can occur with such a large orchestrated move, we reviewed again the need for wall and floor protection and which installation crews would be responsible for it.  In our meeting we also reviewed site safety.

After our sit down meeting, we moved to outdoors to walk the site and make our installation crews aware of the road accesses and entry points into each building. We also reviewed the permitting situation for our large 48 and 53 foot diesel rigs and made sure there was room to maneuver. Our final discussions took us into the buildings to walk from our designated uncrating/unboxing areas to our staging and parts installation locations to our designer inspection areas.

It was a great meeting full of discussion and compromise. It was also just fun for everyone to walk and see the space we have been talking about for so long. With this meeting completed I feel ready and better prepared for the months of installation work to begin.



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