This week we have a deadline for one of our projects: Our architectural  drawings must be 95% complete. That means we hand over an almost complete set of documents to the owner for their review and comment.

To get to this point, the whole team has their own portion of the work to be completed  and mine today is to continue reviewing all the floor plans, RCPs and elevations. A group of three of us are tackling this portion. I have sheets that contain the drawings of the walls (“elevations”) and the legend of all the scheduled (selected) finishes in front of me, while another designer has the floor plans that contain the elevation markers (call outs) and the RCPs, with the last designer holding the finish floor plans (floor plans that call out what finish is on the floor and how they should be installed) and the millwork/casework drawings. The three of us go room by room, sheet by sheet confirming that:

-Each elevation is drawn right

-All the marker tags on the floor plans “map” you to the right sheet and location for the elevation

-All the elevations are noted with the right finish tags; tags/notes that specify the desired finish and how it should be applied

-The millworker and casework on the elevations communicate what finish they are supposed to be and that they have the right note (call out tag) that leads them to the sheet that tells them how they should be built; what we call millwork sections

– The drawn millwork sections are drawn right and are matching how the millwork is drawn on the elevations

-The RCPs are drawn right and that they have the right call outs (reference notes)

-The finish floor plans have the right notes defining their product and finish and how they should be installed. They also need to have a detail note for what type of transitions are between products and under doors, including those that need sound privacy

– Removing any drafting (drawing) “pimples” (simple mistakes that draw your attention to them and make us look bad!)


This type of work is worked on all through-out the process, but at each junction like this, a formal review takes place to make sure everything balances and checks out.


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