Finish boards: every designer knows what these are. They are one of the “A, B, C’s” to what we do. But it always surprises me on how long it takes to get them turned out looking professional. It’s one of those things that we do that no one else understands until they have to do it themselves.

Leading up to today, another designer and I started ordering duplicate materials and prepping for what we would need on each board. This particular client has a standard finish board layout that is different than our own standard, so we have to adjust our protocols. One of the biggest differences between the two, is that we are required to do a board for each room presented. Even if those finishes are happening elsewhere in the building, they are duplicated for each room’s board.

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With prepping the boards before today, I had assumed it would only take 2 of us a couple hours to get the boards completed…tops! It took 3 hours and that was with 2 other people jumping in to help. It just seems you can never have done enough to mitigate the unknowns that happen when a deadline is fast approaching. But there is one thing I have loved about where I work: We plan, we work has hard as we can to do our best, and then there are others there that have your back. Deadline Beat!

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