Sandler Seating, a furniture manufacturer that  I have specified their product for on projects, announced a competition. The challenge? To submit a wining chair design: a design that would expand one of their specified product lines. The prize? A one week, full expenses paid, trip to Venice, Italy to work with the manufacturer to develop the chair. The concept chair could be submitted in any medium, and could be as easy as a “napkin” sketch. There was no cap on the amount you could submit, except that each drawing had to have its own individual email address – not attached to any other submitted drawing.

For a couple months I sketched here and there, thinking through concepts with my pen. I didn’t have much time to devote to it, but each time I took the design a little further to make sure that plans, sections and elevations of the drawings coordinated and could be a realistic build.

Tonight was the deadline: 10 P.M. mountain standard time. I wanted to spend more time on it today, but after getting home late from work there was still family and home responsibilities, which all delayed the start time.

During the sketching process I had developed about 6-7 rough chair concepts, but tonight I felt that I could turn out 3 complete finished drawings with the time I had but would hope for a 4th.

I raced through each design as the minutes ticked away trying to make it as presentable as a sketch could look. By the time I started on the 4th option, I was moving quite quickly, with only a few minutes to spare. I made a joke to my wife, that now she gets to see why I am always exhausted when I get home; always on a deadline!

By the time I submitted the last drawing of the last furniture item, I had 30 seconds to spare!



To see more of my furniture designs go here. 

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