Bonjour! I have recently returned from French speaking Cote D’ivoire (Ivory Coast) Africa. I was there to spend a week working to establish relationships with local manufacturers and suppliers and also to inspect the quality of construction for newly completed construction work. This is all for an up and coming building project in the city of Abidjan. I then flew down to South Africa (Johannesburg) to continue with the mission I started in Abidjan. The next number of entries will be written around some daily occurrences – my journal entries for the day to give a flavor of the work that took place.

Today is a holiday in Abidjan, for what, I am not sure, but it meant that we had the whole city to tour without all the crazy traffic – a great way to spend our first day. Because the traffic was so light we took advantage of the ease of getting across town and visited all the locally newly completed hotels – new build or remodeled – in a shorter amount of time than planned. The intent was to see the quality of construction the local contractors are producing. We had a wide gamut of work. We saw 5 buildings and only one had the quality that we would expect and that meet our USA standards for high quality buildings. We may have to lower our expectations a little, especially with the project being managed by a local architect and contractor once design is completed and is out of our hands.

Below are some images. Most of the Hotels had the highest finishes we saw. Some had good ideas of design, but the craftsmanship was sub-par.  Many images show detailing methods that are different than our own and closely resemble those from Europe.

*To see some of the best images, visit my Instagram: designshadow.


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