Today was a continuation of more time working with the renderers (affectionately labeled “render monkeys”) for a project. This particular client values renderings so much that we spend a lot of time on the front end to show design progression.

Previous to today I had given them furniture cut sheets, light fixture designs/drawings and mill-work sketches, which they then built in their 3D software. For work today I set up a temporary desk at the renderers’ studio to be there to answer any question as they started applying materials and finishes to these elements. We made sure that the wood species selected, the upholstered furniture pieces and light fixture designs, etc. read as if they were the real materials.

While working with the renderers, we received notice from the client to redesign a couple rugs in our spaces. So, we worked together building them in the 3D software model  – designing “off the cuff” you might say. Not an ideal way to design, but the schedule demanded it. The renderings have to be presented to the client in the morning and the images take time to render all the finish work once a design has been built in the model.

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