Our team of Architects and Interior Designers recently had the space plan and exterior design for a new project approved by the Owner. Now it’s time to define the interior architecture and designs. We call this establishing the vocabulary of the building. Today I spent time thinking with my pen and fodder (tracing paper). This project is out of the country and in Africa, so we are trying to incorporate design elements that relate to that culture and people. Not only is this project culturally specific, but our design directive is to land somewhere between Modern and Mid-Century modern. The lead Architect and I are both completing this exercise and then will run our ideas by each other to sift them out and see which concepts rise to the top. Here are some of my quick and rough thoughts…

designshadow concept sketching 1 designshadow concept sketching 2 designshadow concept sketching 3 designshadow concept sketching 4

After playing with conceptual designs, here is where I landed on two of the best options applied in a space.

designshadow wall elevation 2 designshadow wall elevation 1

It needs some work and finesse, but this will be a good place to start the conversation.

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