The current project that I have been working on is a historic renovation and has required me to do a lot of in-depth research into the late 19th century. I specifically have spent a lot of time with the Eastlake, High Gothic Revival and Renaissance Revival design movements of the overreaching Victorian aesthetic. I have spent loads of time with my head in books, online and working with antique furniture. Today was more of the same, but this time it’s not to understand the design but to find last minute antiques that could be either purchased as is or for product mass producing.

Here in Salt Lake City I went through some antique dealer’s warehousing to take my life into my own hands (the pictures should explain that statement) and find that “great find.”

All of these of  the Eastlake design movement or a blend of Eastlake and Renaissance Revival.  The lighting can cross design movements, but are typical of the era. The seating is in the original upholstery…I am digging the chartreuse green.

If you are wondering why this has been categorized as “TIDLIC,” its because I never dreamed when I was studying modern hospitality design… I would come to know so much about antiques and Victorian design…my mom, dad and sister would be proud!

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