I received in the mail a package of wood carvings today. This is the best kind of mail! These carvings are submittals for the crown of a designed chair going into a historically sensitive remodel. This chair is modeled after a Victorian  – Eastlake movement – antique. I have written a previous blog on a similar topic here.

The chair this will be go on will be used as a standard chair though out the building – created into a family grouping of side chairs, arm chairs, plain or tufted backs.

Here is one of the drawings:

Because of the size and delicacy of the pattern, we are having a difficulty with the wood breaking and chipping. Below is my suggestion of how to remedy the problem.


We are working with Kindel Furniture to make these chairs and will be traveling to Grand Rapids Furniture next month to review and inspect the production of this chair and the other furniture pieces they are making for us. I am really looking forward to the trip!

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