I sent out the below letter to all my friends and family, and felt that I should add the letter here. I am a pretty conservative guy and tend to stay away from controversial topics, especially here on the blog, but the profession of Interior Designer is in need of more support here in Utah. For a preface to the topic you can see my previous posting: They said the “d” word…and that’s not IDEAL. As a follow up to that posting, the below pamphlet adds more information for the education of the interested parties: AdvocacyPamphlet_2015 Page 001 AdvocacyPamphlet_2015 Page 002

Dear family, friends and associates,

I need your help and support. A Legislative Bill is going up for vote this Utah session that affects the future of how I support my family as an Interior Designer. I am asking that you write a letter or sign your name to a document linked below to show your support.

As most of you know I am an Interior Designer working for an Architectural firm in Utah. What you probably don’t know, is that the career of Interior Design isn’t recognized as a career in the State of Utah. What’s more important is that as I come to the table with Architects, Contractors, Engineers, etc. I am the only individual that is not considered a “Professional;” meaning that I am not licensed to carry that title.  The field of Interior Design is field of work that has a wide range of application. Many people think of Interior Design as only what they see on TV or of a neighbor/friend that is good with color and decorating. But these are only “tools” in tool box for an Interior Designer’s potential. After gaining a specialized degree, and gaining years of internship experience I sat for a 3 test exam called NCIDQ; National Council for Interior Design Qualifications. These national standardized exams tested me on many parts of design, including Life Safety codes. The link below will explain this further.

When this Bill was first proposed, many individuals were in disagreement with it, even though 28 other States already have some form of Interior Design Licensing. But over the last couple months many architects and others have gotten on board with this once they realized we are seeking to raise the bar and expectations for the field of Interior Design and are only seeking to be licensed for the scope of non-structural work we have the potential to complete. But there are still some individuals that think all we understand is pillows and paint and are not qualified to do much else, let alone be responsible for other individual’s safety and well being. This Bill will allow us to be licensed in our field, for a quantified scope of services – if we meet the stringent qualifications, while not changing current laws for those that have a career in Interior Decoration, or use the smaller tool kit of Interior Design. What matters most to me about this Bill, is that it will standardize what Interior Designers are taught in school and raise the level of understanding for what a Licensed Interior Designer can bring to the table as a Business Professional. But without more support the Bill may not go up for a vote and years of work will be put off for another year. This is why I need your personal support.

 Below is a link to a form letter you may add your name to and email out to the below individuals. What’s even better, is if you were able to note a couple sentences of personal support. We need these as soon as possible (they just moved Bill review up to Monday morning.)

 Please consider taking a moment to email your support:


Rep. Val L. Peterson (R), Chair,
Rep. John Knotwell (R), Vice Chair,
Rep. Jacob L. Anderegg (R),
Rep. Jon Cox (R),
Rep. Susan Duckworth (D),
Rep. James A. Dunnigan (R),
Rep. Gage Froerer (R),
Rep. Brad King (D),
Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher (R),
Rep. Marc K. Roberts (R),
Rep. Mike Schultz (R),
Rep. Jon E. Stanard (R),
Rep. R. Curt Webb (R),
Rep. Brad R. Wilson (R),

The bill is House Bill 126.  If you are interested, see link:


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