Today I started the day by redlining a set of plans for a lobby TI that three of us are working on. The Principal in charge of the project has the relationship with the client, but another designer and I are getting the work out. This project is very small but has taken quite a bit of time for such a small scope of work. We are the third Architect working on the building. They wanted us to rethink the design of the space and get the best design possible for the budget restraints on the project. We started with doing a 3D rendering and then once we landed on a design that the Owner liked, we had the Owner’s Contractor provide some pricing. This required us to do a VE for the project by pulling out some of the materials to get the price down slightly. Once this was adjusted we started putting the drawings together. The drawings were drafted by the other designer on the project  over the past couple days and as the project manager for it, today was my day to review the drawings and fill in the blanks for missing items. lobby remodel 4 lobby remodel 3 lobby remodel 2 lobby remodel 5 lobby remodel 1

The items highlighted in yellow represent our visual “check mark” letting us all know that the item has been picked up and corrected in the drawing set. This also happened today, and I was able to review a final print of drawings once more to make sure we didn’t miss anything. In the mean time, my fellow designer sent these drawings out to our Electrical Consultant for his review and comment.

These will go on to the Owner for final review and comment.

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