For this Thanksgiving Holiday I went out of state to celebrate with my extended family for a couple days. Luckily, I am also a part of a project for a local university where we are building housing units/apartments for the campus. It makes it quite convenient for me to get some work done and save me another long drive to visit the site.


I love site visits. I love being with the builders/contractors and discussing the project and seeing ideas come to fruition…It isn’t an easy process by any means, but it is rewarding.

As you can see from the picture above, the buildings are going up in phases. One building is still open to the elements of weather and the other has painted walls and carpet being installed.

green yellow-wall

red-wall teal-wall



Site visits aren’t just for fun though. It is a time for us all to hold to what was designed, agreed to with the Owner and then bid by the contractor. To this end, these notes often highlight areas of concern, where plans or details aren’t being held to. Please don’t read into that statement that contractors are bound to make mistakes. Often, just like in life we don’t communicate things as well as we think we do and the builder builds things the way they interpreted our ideas and plans. Most contractors just want what we want: to please the Owner and put another quality project under our belt.

Below is the field report I made for this site visit for reference.

141128 Field Report



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