I am tired today. My mind is tired. Interior designers often don’t have the luxury of working on one project at a time. Often architects mange one to two projects at a time. Because of the depth of the project, they get to focus all their time into those one or two projects. Interior designer’s scope of work per project is generally smaller or can range, thus making us an ideal candidate for  the local circus juggler of multiple projects and deadlines. This can make me tired some days more than others, but especially on the days when a principal architect or project manager over a project comes to my desk and says, in not so many words, ” I need this, and I need this now.” When more than one item needs to be done “now,” you learn master multitasking skills.

Today I bounced around with 5 different projects while working with Human Resources to hire another designer. Let’s just say it wasn’t all completed between the hours of 8 -5.

  • Reviewed material submittals for a multi level housing project. This meant looking up our specifications both in word and sampling forms and seeing if the submittals matched our specified intent and project codes.
  • Answered questions with the intern architect that were submitted from the contractor working on an LDS Temple. This meant reviewing drawings and following our details through, page by page to remind ourselves of the original intent, and resolve their questions.
  • Reviewed orders being placed for a multi-million dollar FF&E project. This was more than just double checking the orders with their quotes, but looking at them from a “30,000 feet level” to make sure the orders still make sense, and that we put the right materials in the right spaces, etc.
  • Put together a completion report on a furniture installation for two resident/dorm buildings. This was needed to update the Owner and all parties on the current status. This report was also sent to the manufacturers to request some replacements for some damaged furniture.
  • Reviewed and double checked a local university’s purchasing department’s furniture bid. The FF&E was sent out to bid and I needed to understand who came in on budget and if those furniture pieces that each dealer submitted came close to our specified furniture. This information then had to be put into a document that the Owner/client could review and use to award the work scope to.

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